Cuban Dance Academy | FSR METHOD

Cuban Dance Academy | FSR METHOD

Cuban Dance Academy is the first Caribbean Academy in Malta, it will cover your knowledge and skills of:

The first teaching method that combines the three most important sectors in dance training and growth:

  • Athletic Preparation
  • Technique
  • Athletic Gesture

The result of this work creates our excellent final product called sports dance.



The duration of full Academic program is 5 years. Each Academic year consists of 4 quarters.

Suitable for beginners:

Haven’t you ever danced? If your desire and determination push you beyond the “I’d like to learn a few steps to meet new people and go to parties”, this is the course that will push you beyond all limits.


Suitable for dancers with a few months or years of experience:

This course will improve your technique, athletic training, and style by studying Afro-Cuban and Franco-Haitian culture, music, and folkloric dances.

Dance Teacher


Mirko Abbracciavento discovered the world of Salsa in 1999 for the very first time. He literally fell in love with it! Since the music and this wonderful dancing style attracted him so much, he started attending all the courses in his town, moving forward to any other city in his region and ended up going around the whole of Italy. After some years, he decided to become a teacher of Salsa as it had become his passion. In 2014 he started a new adventure in Malta, bringing with him his passion. He teaches Salsa Cubana, Los Angeles Style and Bachata Sensual. Apart from all that, he also organises dancing events, such as parties and workshops with international dancers to Malta to help the community improve their level and skills. Let’s dance!

Famoso Salvador Rodriguez

Prof. Famoso Salvador Rodríguez is the creator of one of the didactic methodologies that have trained hundreds of Cuban Dancers from 2010 to 2018 in the Caribbean and Folkloric sector. Now, effectively teaching Cuban Dance Academy methods in Malta, taking learning experience to another level.