Dance Instructors


Born in Sri Lanka in 1987, Nalin moved to Italy in 2002. He grew increasingly closer to the Salsa world in 2006, taking courses with Parmela Ferrari and Mario Moneta. In 2008, he joined the dance group Pasodoble, created and coached by the Luca Rios. Simultaneously, he began training under the supervision of Salvo Parisi, Marco Ferrigno, Jesus Aponte, German Caicedo and the maestro Adolfo Indacochea. In 2009, he joined the performance group Gem Project, and performed with them for the first time at the Rome Salsa Festival. He undertook further training with great dancing maestros such as Silvio Minzoni and Marco Pennesi, and then began training in Mambo. He was a member of the Camana Project crew, studying under Fernando Sosa and Tatiana Bunaguro.