Dance Instructor

Billy’s passion for salsa began in Poland when he trained for Rueda competition with ‘Barrio Latino’ group at Primavera Festival in 2008. He further expanded his Salsa Cubana and Rueda de Casino knowledge with Paweł Polc (Director of Dance Friends dance school, Poznan) and moved to Malta where he has shared his passion since 2013, with a teaching style described by many as energetic, positive, fun and loud. a B.Sc. in Physical Education from France, Billy’s teaching method is learner’s centric and based on a comprehensive knowledge of biomechanics. His Master’s thesis entitled ‘Towards a Neuroscientific Perspective on P-E Teaching’ illustrates his approach: constantly looking at new ways and challenging the status quo. Billy’s unlimited, contagious energy in Ruedas is easily identified during Baila Malta socials: just look for someone jumping up and down, screaming his head off!

Rueda de Casino – Salsa Cubana – Baila Kids

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