Haidi Trinh

This lady is fire on the dancefloor! A beautiful soul and an incredibly stylish dancer Sena is back by popular demand! For 10 years Sena was a kick-boxer. She was great at it, but something was missing – she wanted a change. Although her body was adapting to martial arts, Sena wanted to become more feminine in both her movements and posture. It was then that Sena discovered dance. It was quite a change and challenging at first but once she started, she could not stop. The moment Sena discovered the freedom which social latin dance provides, it became her passion. In the past 7 years she has fed this passion; going to many workshops and dance festivals, including her most recent and unforgettable experience with Tropical Gem in Istanbul, where she performed with Fernando Sosa. Sena loves dancing and is giving ladies styling classes in many different countries.